Friday, September 28, 2012

Fundraising, Pumpkins by the pier, zip lining, rock climbing, pony rides, and a farmers market all a Harbor Village!

Harbor Village Pumpkin Patch

Halloween at Harbor Village features Festivities for families coming to the coast all October Long!

Half Moon Bay, Ca: Locals, tourists and casual day trippers coming out to the coast will have added reason to visit the Princeton area businesses as Halloween invades Harbor Village from Oct. 1st-31st. Halloween at Harbor Village will feature month long activities and events including their Pumpkins by the Pier Pumpkin patch which is open 7 days per week, Kids Jumpers, Costume and Pumpkin Carving contests, prizes and other family related activities will kick off October.

Overview of Halloween at Harbor Village Events taking place:

- Pony rides and Petting Zoo- every Saturday and Sunday in October

- Sundays Farmers Market with live music every Sunday

- Rock climbing, Zorb balls, and slack lining will take place Sept 30, Oct 21, and Oct 28

- Zip Lining Oct 7, and 14th

All Month Long Halloween Activities at Harbor Village:

• The “Pumpkins By The Pier” pumpkin patch will be Open 7 Days Per Week through October 31st

• Inflatable Jumpers and activities for Kids. (Free use with purchase.)

• Exclusive discounts and coupon packages from local businesses given upon pumpkin purchase.

• Free Drawings and prizes, with grand prize drawing taking place Visit us for more information! Also charity events taking place!

Dear Resident, schools, and organizations!

As 2012 nears to an end, the Holiday Season at Harbor Village is just getting started. In the spirit of giving we are very excited to announce another year of partnering with local non-profits, charities and schools in our coast side community by offering 10% of sales of all Pumpkin and Christmas trees made to the local coastside organization of your choice. Simply select the charity when you purchase your Pumpkin or Christmas Tree at Harbor Village and we will keep you posted on the amount of money raised. Last year we brought in over $2,400 for local organizations through the Halloween and Christmas Season and we hope to surpass that amount this year.

We invite you to come out to Harbor Village and check out some of the many events taking place over the next few months.
Harbor Village Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Harbor Village Halloween & Pumpkin Patch

Starting in October Harbor Village will have pumpkins, family events, fundraisers, activities such as pumpkin decorating and smashing, and much much more going on at Harbor Village mall located in Princeton by the sea off of Capistrano road.

The month of October Harbor Village plans to sell pumpkins 7 days a week, and have festive weekends that include Jumpers for Kids, face painting, kite flying, costume contests, coloring, food, sales, specials by the merchants, music, and much more.

Also look for updates on pie eating competitions and pumpkin carving competitions. The area itself is a destination and this will just add to a great day in the Harbor of Half Moon Bay.

Every Sat and Sunday in October: Pony Rides and Petting zoo

Sept 30, Oct 21, and Oct 28: Rock climbing, zorb balls, and slack lining

Oct 7, and 14th: Zip Lining

Harbor Village, 270 Capistrano Rd., Ste 28
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

For More Information, call:
Michael Seaton
(888) 606-4862

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween @ Harbor Village Oct. 29/30

Halloween at Harbor Village
Halloween at Harbor Village features Festivities for families coming to the coast Oct. 29th-30th.

Locals, tourists and casual day trippers coming out to the coast will have added reason to visit the Princeton area businesses as Halloween invades Harbor Village from Oct. 29th-30th. Halloween at Harbor Village will feature month long activities and events including their Pumpkins by the Pier Pumpkin patch which is open 7 days per week, Kids Jumpers, Costume and Pumpkin Carving contests, prizes and other family related activities will kick off from Oct. 28th-31st.

Overview of Halloween at Harbor Village Events taking place:

• All Day Trick or Treating Saturday/Sunday October 29th/30th (12:30 p.m-5 P.M)

• Pie Eating Contest October 29th: (1:00 P.M)-Fastest time round robin pie eating tournament.

• Costume Contest October 29th: (Starts at 2:00 P.M) Categories: Best Overall Costume, Most Unique, Most Humorous, Best Couple/Group, Best Rush Costume, Best Replica, Scariest & Best Children’s.

• Pumpkin Carving Contest: (Starts at 3:00 P.M) (All Pumpkins will be judged at 3 P.M-Participants can bring pre-carved pumpkins from home for submission.) Categories: Best Overall Pumpkin, Most Artistic, Most Humorous & Scariest

• Grand Prize Drawings takes place on Saturday October 29th at 3:30 p.m.

All Month Long Halloween Activities at Harbor Village:

• The “Pumpkins By The Pier” pumpkin patch will be Open 7 Days Per Week through October 31st

• Inflatable Jumpers and activities for Kids. (Free use with purchase.)

• Exclusive discounts and coupon packages from local businesses given upon pumpkin purchase.

• Free Drawings and prizes, with grand prize drawing taking place Saturday October 29th (3:30) P.M

Current Links to Harbor Village Halloween Information:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Make Easy Halloween Costumes

Are you dreading the thought of having to take your child to the store to buy a $20 costume? Then making one would be easier and cheaper.
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Superhero Costume
1. Find a basic long sleeve shirt in your son's favorite color. Attach felt cuffs of a contrasting color with safety pins.

2. Cut the first initial of your son's name out of felt. The color of the felt should match the color of the cuffs.

3. Using 1) safety pins or 2) fabric glue, attach the felt initial on the shirt.

4. Of course, no superhero costume would be complete without the classic cape! All you need here is a long piece of fabric that can be tied around your son's neck. The fabric should preferably match the shirt or the cuffs/felt initial.

5. Add any extras that your son desires, such as a mask or belt, and he's ready to save the world!

Princess Costume

1. You might have to purchase one or two items for this costume, but it is guaranteed to be much cheaper than buying a costume from Wal-Mart or Target if you shop at a local thrift store.

2. Find a leotard in any color (There is a cheap long-sleeve one that comes in pink and black available on, style #U6055CL). If you cannot find a long-sleeve leotard, a tank leotard will do, but make sure you find a shawl for your daughter to wear with it, too.

3. Decorate the leotard with rhinestones, glitter, and sequins! Let your daughter help choose what color rhinestones/glitter/sequins she wants, and the pattern in which to glue them.

4. Now you need to either find a long skirt that matches the color of the leotard or buy one. The long skirt should preferably go down to your daughter's ankles. You can decorate the skirt with rhinestones and fabric paint to make pretty medieval designs.

5. To top off the costume, take a piece or 2 of yellow construction paper and wrap it around your daughter's head. When you have enough construction paper so that the crown would fit snugly, cut out the tiara. Let your daughter decorate it with markers.

6. Have her slip on some pretty shoes, and she's off to a royal night of trick-or-treating!

How to Make 5 Unique Halloween Costumes

If you're looking an out-of-the-box costume for Halloween, here are 5 ideas for you to create.


1. Go as an EKG. Simply take a white sweatshirt and sweatpants and draw an EKG tracing on front, back and cuffs of the sweatshirt and the cuff of the pants with red fabric paint or fabric marker. Wear a stethoscope around your neck for an accessory and draw an EKG tracing on your treat bag.

2. Go as a stupid or "slow" person. Wear a wrinkled, messy shirt and messy pants in a clashing color or pattern. If the clothes aren't messy enough, make stains with fabric paint or markers. Mess up your hair, make food stains on your face with face paint and say "duh" a lot when you're taking to people.

3. Go as someone you hate. Simply wear the kind of clothes they wear and act the way they do (exaggerated, of course). Halloween is your chance to mock them.

4. Go as a nudist on strike. Just wear your street clothes and a sandwich board that says something to the effect of "Former Nudist."

5. Go as a Zombie Ballerina. Distress an old tutu and leotard. Rip holes in a pair of tights. Stain a pair of toe shoes. Put on zombie face paint and don the tights, leotard, tutu and toe shoes.

How to Look Creepy Yet Fun on Halloween

Halloween is awesome! But you want to look haunted, eerie, and yet cool, fun and eclectic at the same time? Well, you've hit the jackpot! For girls.

1. Let your hair loose. It's especially effective if it's long hair, and any color works. If you want,you could sprinkle some talcum powder on your head but that probably wouldn't give off the air of a haunted, good-looking vamp.

2. Use a pale foundation on your face and powder your arms and legs white.

3. Choose a dress of either black or red, and with a bit of lace somewhere. You can have a long dress or a mini-dress, either works. For the black dress, wear hot-pink punky opaque tights that will look awesome, and black heels. For the red dress, black opaque tights and red heels work. Get novelty fangs from Tesco, Co-Op or Asda.

4. On a part of your neck, like at the side of it or just above the collarbone, get out some fake-blood, ketchup, paint or even red lipstick/lip-gloss. Paint on two fang marks to create that just-bitten look. Rim your eyes with black kohl whatever your hair colour, and black mascara, and perhaps black eyeliner too. Either choose pink or red lip-gloss/lipstick for your lips.

5. When making physical contact with anyone, hold your breath. Carry around a plastic bottle of cranberry juice (that's a better option than wine) and beforehand rip off the label, or buy some liquid cherry candy.


1. Put your hair up in a messy bun and entwine it with ivy and grey and white ribbons, before sprinkling on talcum powder. Very dusty, very haunted.

2. Like the vampire,use very pale foundation and powder your arms and legs white to give off an eerie glow.

3. Hunt your clothes box or charity shops or the internet for a vintage garment, something that looks Victorian. If you choose, sprinkle a tiny amount of talcum powder on so it looks dusty. Wear the dress with white ballet tights and black or grey heels sprinkled over with talcum powder. Talcum powder is very important for a ghost look.

4. Paint your lips black or grey, preferably grey, and if you want add a grayish tinge to your cheeks that's fine. Get some very pale lilac non-glitter eye shadow and subtly dab it beneath your eyes, unless your under-eyes are already naturally lilac or grey. Rim your eyes with kohl yet again, and black mascara. If you really want eye shadow, grey would be best.

5. Learn to sweep around, your dress billowing, with a blank expression. Try not to touch anyone; ghosts can't. Still eat, though!


1. Hair. Like the other two, witches can have any color hair. If your hair's greasy, that's OK.

2. Skin. You can leave your skin as it is, unless you want to be one of the tremendously silly witches out there on Halloween who paint their skin bright green with yellow warts all over the place. If you want to look cool, use your normal skin care products (foundation, concealer) and leave it there.

3. A long, billowing black dress would look cool. Try going for something that's a little lacy, a bit vintage maybe. Obviously, invest in the usual pointy witch's hat. Wear black opaque tights or white ballet tights, teamed with pointy black Goth boots to finish off the look for a fun, Gothic look.

4. Make-up. The usual - that is black kohl-rimmed eyes and black mascara, black eye shadow maybe, purple under-eyes. You know the drill! Use a clear lip-gloss, or perhaps for the full-on Goth look black lipstick and smudged eyeliner.

5. Carry around an old, gnarled broomstick. If you want, at the beginning of year leave on outside and it'll rot until you like it. Those plastic jobbies are OK, but hardly real-looking. Try for wood and prickly hairs for the mop. Every so often, burst out cackling and for your trick-or-treat bucket have a small plastic cauldron.


1. Your hair could be curly or wavy, with a little added sparkle for the fairy look. Try for (if you have black or dark brown hair) white or pale hair extensions, maybe electric blue. Electric blue and black could work for blonds, reds and light browns.

2. Try and make your skin flawless and smooth-looking, because fairies are flawless. Use toner, moisturizer, shower every day all year to achieve magic-looking skin.

3. A black short dress with a puffy skirt like a tutu works best. The bodice should be skinny and old-looking, the skirt a little frilly, lacy and whirlly. Team this with opaque black tights. Choose black pumps or very small heels for this look, or even black Converse to have a bit of fun with it. And black, lacy wings are awesome.

4. Wear Black kohl-rimmed eyes, black mascara, black lipstick. Smudge the eyeliner if you want, which could look cool if you want to be a cool Goth fairy.

5. Don't smile. I can't imagine an evil Halloween fairy smiling! Of course, smile if you want, and flit around because you are a fairy. Walk with your head in the clouds,and tell the most amazing dark fairy stories when it's time for horror stories.

- Overall, be dark.

How to Have the Best Halloween Costume

Are you sick of blending in on Halloween night? Well here's your salvation!
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1. Give it some real thought. before you go mad, think about what you can afford, what you can pull off, and what you would feel comfortable wearing; for example, don't be a fairy if you are a goth!

2. Some things that are completely cliche, when given a little more thought than usual, could really work for you. Anime is a good example. For instance, say you are addicted to Sailor Moon (Like me!) rather than being your favourite senshi/scout, be a lesser thought of character such as Queen Beryl-A long blackish-purple dress, red wig and the various accessories would work. Or create your own character, like Sailor Capricorn or Sailor Cosmos. Another benefit of an anime costume would be you could save it and wear it to a cosplay convention and such.

3. Why not do something completely crazy and wear a costume from another occasion. Santa going trick-or-treating would surely score you some points in the originality department!

4. Why not do something completely crazy and wear a costume from another occasion. Santa going trick-or-treating would surely score you some points in the originality department!

5. If you are a music fan, be a certain singer, or go with a friend and choose a singer such as Britney Spears or Avril Lavigne. One of you could be the 'old' Britney(Lucky, Oops) and the other the 'New' Miss Spears (Piece of Me, Circus)

6. If all else fails, or none of these ideas work for you, just take the cliches and add a twist, like a nerdy witch or a lady werewolf. Maybe you have an old vampire or scream mask you could put lipstick or glitter on?

How to Go As Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) for Halloween

So you like Green Day? Looking for something for a Halloween costume and don't want to spend much money? Here's how to dress up as Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead singer / guitarist) for Halloween.
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1. Decide which era you'd like to be from. The two easiest are American Idiot (2004) and 21st Century Breakdown (2009).

2. For American Idiot: wear black skinny jeans, a black collared button down polo / t-shirt with a red tie, converse (preferably black with black laces) and a studded belt.

3. For 21st Century Breakdown: wear red or black skinny jeans a dress shirt with a vest, a studded belt, and your favorite pair of converse Chuck Taylor's.

4. Both looks require makeup. I'd suggest a black / grey smoky eye with some additional black eyeliner. (for Billie a la 21 Guns, do a brown smoky eye with black liner)

5. Don't forget the accessories! Bring a guitar, harmonica, something to play Green Day music on (mp3 player, CD player...etc...)

How to Get Ideas for a Halloween Costume

Finding the right costume for Halloween can be tricky, so here are a few ways to get creative.
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1. Find which costume is right for you. Think of movies, (Twilight, Garfield, The Grinch, Pinocchio etc) think of television shows, (Peanuts, Simpsons, Sesame Street, Adams Family etc) think of famous musicians, (P!nk, Ke$ha, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley etc) or even a Broadway show (The Rocky Horror Show, Wicked, Marry Poppins etc.) You can dress up as someone who is listed here or a character from a show that is listed. Or you can be creative and be something like a cereal box or an Ipod.

2. Get an image of who or what you're being so you know what your character looks like and what he/she wears. Also note if your character wears any face paint, make-up, glitter, or any other facial things.

3. Make a list of things like pants, wight earrings, face paint etc. But don't be too specific because while you may not find what you're looking for in one aisle, there could be a better product in the next aisle.

4. Get creative. Go to a store or any other place that sells things like face paint, accessories, or anything else you think you may need. Bring your picture with you so you can fully imagine what you may look like. Look around the place and see if you find anything that would go with your costume(usually when you plan ahead you find better things at the stores.) Make sure you are organized and don't just get the things simply because they look good on the shelf. Make sure you are not getting 5 necklaces and you totally forget about the pants.

5. Prepare. Gather all the supplies you may need. Make sure everything fits or works so you are not rushing around to fix something at the last minute.

6. Go out and have fun! Go trick-or-treating with your friends or enter in a costume contest. Happy Halloween!

How to Dress up as Ghostface

So you really wanna become ghostface from the scream 4 film. Then all you gotta Do. Is read this on how to become the killer from the Movie.

1. Get a black robe. It can be either Robe you want it to be. And also that it looks like from the Film. And has a hood on it.

2. Get a mask. You can buy a mask from a Party store or a store that sells costumes and masks all together. Buy it and then you can wear it like in the film.

3. Get some black pants. You can get some pants to make you look like the killer from the film. Just find some black pants and get them for a good price. Once that's done then you can Wear them with your Costume.

4. Get some black shoes. Find some shoes like the killer has and buy them for a great price. They should be black and should be able to fit your costume perfectly.

5. Get some black gloves. This goes well for your Costume. And suits the look nicely. Get some at a party Store and see how much they cost. And they will complete your costume.

6. Get some weapons. It can either be a knife or a machete that ghostface uses to kill the People he prank calls. You can also find Cheap ones at any store of Your choice. And it will go perfectly with your costume.

-Don't be discouraged while shopping for some things you Want. It makes the experience better. And is something you should do in Order to become like the killer.
-Get all of the stuff like from the Film and you are done. Simply easy to do and really easy to get.

How to Be a Scarecrow for Halloween

So this year for Halloween, you've decided to be a scarecrow, huh? Great idea! It's such a simple costume that can be so varied! Here's an article on how to be a classic scarecrow!


1. Find yourself an old, baggy pair of jeans or overalls. Or just a baggy pair of jeans/overalls. If you're comfortable with ruining your jeans/overalls, you can rip holes in them (this comes in handy later!) and sew little patches on them. If you plan on wearing these jeans/overalls after Halloween, just leave them as they are.
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2. Get a plaid shirt. Use one of your own, or borrow one from somebody else. If possible, find one with a pocket (again, this comes in handy later).
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3. Find a straw hat. If possible, destroy it. Make some holes in it. Farmers wouldn't put a brand-new, gorgeous straw hat on a scarecrow, now would they?
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4. Get a bandanna. These can be bought at the Dollar Store for a buck if you can't find one lying around at home.
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5. Now for la 'piece de resistance'! You can use real hay, or go to a craft store and buy some fake hay. This is essential for your costume, because otherwise nobody will understand that you're a scarecrow. You'll be projecting more of a farmer image.

6. Get a hot glue gun and glue (fake) hay everywhere! Glue some inside your hat so it's sticking up through the holes. Put a clump in the pocket of your plaid shirt! Glue some onto your pants and stick it through the holes and in the pockets. If you're wearing boots on Halloween, stick clumps of (fake) hay so it sticks out the top of your boots. If you want, glue some of the fake hay to the cuffs of your shirt sleeves. If you don't want to do this, follow the step below for a genius idea!
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7. Time to paint the face. Now for the face paint. I'd suggest going for the look of the scarecrow in "The Wizard of Oz", since people understand that you're a scarecrow that way. Use black face paint. Start at the bottom of your eyebrow and paint a triangle up about an inch or so. Do the same to the other eyebrow. Finally, cover your nose in black face paint. (If you're having trouble visualizing this, look up pictures of the 'Wizard of Oz scarecrow' on the Internet)
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8. Put on your bandanna.
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9. Ta-daa! Now you have the perfect scarecrow costume. Go out trick-or-treating or to a Halloween Party and feel confident that you look awesome!
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Things You'll Need

A plaid shirt
A straw hat
Hay and/or fake hay
Black facepaint
A bandana

How to Be Bellatrix Lestrange for Halloween

Are you a big Harry Potter fan and want to be someone from the books for Halloween? Or did you just find Helena Bonham Carter's performance so amazing that you just HAVE to be Bellatrix? Well here's how.
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1. Make/Purchase a wand.

2. Make or thrift a long, black skirt. The plainer, the better for this look. Grab a silver marker or some silver paint, and draw patterned curlicues around the bottom. If there isn't already one, create a high slit either on the back or the side of the skirt.

3. Buy a long-sleeved black shirt. Cut off its sleeves, then reattach by loosely weaving in some ribbon or leather cord, so that the sleeve is about an inch or two away from the arm holes. Cut off the hemmed cuff of the sleeve, so that it frays. Add lace trimming to it the cuffs, if preferred. If it isn't already, make it a v-neck by cutting a 'v' at the neckline. Then, gather or pinch the base of the v-neckline about a few inches lower, so that it puckers a bit; sew around the pucker to maintain its shape. Embellish as desired.

4. Alternatively, you could cut the sleeves to elbow length and do a Dark Mark design on your arm using either Sharpies/Henna/Black Eyeliner etc.

5. Get a large piece of either black vinyl, leather, or other similar material or fabric -- as long as it's thick, black and sturdy, it'll be fine.

6. Wear fishnets. Add silver jewelry (necklaces and rings) with jewel-toned pendants. And black high heels.

7. Buy press-on nails, and file them to a point (not an ACTUAL one; leave them rounded off enough at the top). Paint them red, black or tan.

8. As for your hair: If you're getting a wig, get a standard Cher or Snookie style wig in black (can be curly, but doesn't have to be). Next, get some white paint and using an old mascara or makeup wand, streak it through so you get either one solid strand of white hair, or one half of the head/wig in white hair. If you already have long, dark hair, curl it the night before, then mess it up to really frizz up your hair. Part up with tendrils falling down. Buy white/silver hair paint, then spray one side of your head (or merely a strand). You can try braiding your hair the night before then slightly teasing it. that is what I'm doing.

9. Makeup: Do NOT put on a whole bunch of black makeup -- you're dressing as Bellatrix, not as Elvira. Instead, use a shade of foundation that is just SLIGHTLY lighter than your own shade. Using some BROWN or TAUPE eye-shadow, blend shadow onto your lids in layers, thereby creating a light, smokey-eyed effect. Next, add some shadow inside the corners of your eyes and curve downward, as though highlight the bags in your eyes. Then, brush the brown/taupe eye-shadow UNDER your cheekbones and along the sides of your nose, thereby creating a sharp, pallid expression. Finally, switch it up for lipstick: use a very, very pale color (not a deep red or black, which is what everyone else does). Dab on some lip-gloss. Essentially, pretty up your lips as you normally would. You want SOME part of Bella to have some sense of alluring to her; remember, in their youth, all three Black sisters were astonishingly beautiful.

10. Other additions you could to for the costume are wearing a push-up bra to maximize your assets, 'dirty' up your Halloween costume for a more "escaped-from-Azkaban" look. Use your imagination!

How to Add Accessories to a Gothic Costume on Halloween

Gothic-style costumes are the picture of Halloween spirit: dark and in some cases, a bit sexy. Unfortunately, if you're not a part of the Gothic subculture, finding those perfect Gothic Halloween accessories can be a challenge.
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1. Add artistic tears to your costume. When placed correctly, rips in dark clothing can make your costume edgier and more intense.

2. Darken your hair. Those with light hair should consider using a black spray to darken their hair for the big night. Avoid dying it black, because once you dye light hair black it is very difficult to get rid of.

3. Paint your face white with powder or face paint. It should be fully white or as close to it as possible. If you have dark skin, only add a slight tint of light gray, just to give you that "just died" look. Don't forget a bit over your eyelids as well. Even if you plan on wearing a dark eyeshadow later, this works as a sort of primer for the shadow to adhere to.

4. Wear deep, blood red, gray, brown, or black lipstick and black nail polish. This gives off a Gothic vibe. You can purchase these at thrift or Halloween stores.

5. Consider wearing vampire fangs. Inexpensive fangs don't look great, but they can be had for as little as a dollar. More expensive fangs can look very realistic and can be bought for about ten or fifteen dollars. This isn't necessary unless you want to add a vampire vibe as well.

6. Wear appropriate shoes. The exact shoes you wear will depend on what you plan on doing for Halloween and what your costume is, but a few good ideas include combat boots; chunky, high heeled boots; stilettos; and any other sexy or dark style of shoe.

7. Apply dark eyeshadow and mascara. You could even consider long, black fake eyelashes. Men should skip this step, but could try a bit of black eyelashes for the elegant vampire look.

8. Wear plenty of dark jewelry. Have fun with it. Try lots of dark dangling necklaces, or large, chandelier earrings. Experiment to find the best look for your costume. Men should stick to many, chunky rings, and perhaps a few necklaces.

How to Act Like a Pokemon on Halloween

Are you into Pokémon? Do you want to dress up as one? Here are few tips for a safe and happy Halloween when trick or treating.


1. Shop for and select your favorite Pokémon costume. You can also make a Pokemon costume, if you can find a sewing pattern.

2. Try on the costume to make sure it fits, tailor the costume for a better fit, if needed.

3. On Halloween (October.31st), wear your Pokémon costume.

4. Practice trying to sound like your Pokémon, Charmander for example, and learn as much as you can about your character.

5. When trick or treating on Halloween, try to sound like your Pokémon character when asking for treats for example if pikachu say: pika.

6. If you can not sound like your favorite Pokémon character,don't say any pokemon sounds.

-Try to develop your Pokémon character to the best of your ability.
-Be polite when asking for treats.
-Do not trick or treat houses if the house lights are not on.
-Carry a flashlight or a glow stick for extra safety.
-Make sure your costume fits so you can trick or treat safely.
-Be sure to go out trick or treating with an adult, if you are a child.
-Wear comfy shoes.

How to Make a Cotton Candy Costume

If you're looking for a costume that reflects the sweeter side of Halloween, a cotton candy theme may be just your thing. This delightful homemade cotton candy Halloween costume is easy to make and looks the very picture of a sweet treat.
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1. Gather all the items needed.
Long sleeve shirt you're willing to glue and have permanently kept as a cotton candy top
Cotton wadding or stuffing, the kind you stuff pillows with
Pink or blue hairspray (depending on what kind of cotton candy you want to be)
Strong glue like a hot glue gun and fabric (spray glue works well)
Pink or blue fake eyelashes (optional)
Fluffy earrings (optional)
Headband you're willing to glue (optional)
White jeans
Pink or blue eyeliner and eyeshadow (optional)
Old newspaper
Large workspace
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2. Lay out all the newspaper on your workspace. This will protect the surface from the products you're using.

3. Place the long sleeve shirt on top of the newspaper.
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4. Put a generous amount of glue on part of the shirt. Press the cotton wadding or stuffing down on top of the glue in a way that looks like candy floss. Continue until the entire shirt is finished, including the back. You are trying to create the impression that you're a package of candy floss.
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5. Let the glue dry.

6. Using the hairspray, spray the entire front of the shirt to cover. Let it dry. Repeat this step on the back of the shirt and let it dry too.

7. Prepare a headband to match the shirt. Put glue all over the headband.
Pulpit rock
8. Press down the cotton wadding or stuffing and let it dry.
Pulpit rock
9. When dry, spray with the hairspray.
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10. On the day of the of Halloween, curl your hair. This is to create a look like cotton candy. Spray your curled hair with hairspray to keep it in place; you could even use temporary pink (or blue) dye hairspray in your hair if you're serious about looking pink. Next prepare your your make-up and eyelashes. Then, slip on your white jeans, the candy floss top and headband and show off your sweet attire to your friends.

How to Make Halloween Capes

Halloween capes are a useful and often necessary addition to Halloween costuming. As well as finishing off your costume look, they can be especially useful to keep you warm if you're trick and treating in the cold.
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1. Find old pieces of bed sheets. If you don't have any in the house, purchase some from the local thrift store. Wash the sheet before use.

2. Dye the sheet if needed. If the sheet is not the color desired, you will need to dye it. Purchase simple clothing dye to achieve this - it's inexpensive and can be done in the washing machine or in a bucket (get the setting powder as well if you're using cold water only). Be sure to factor in the time to dye and dry before making the cape.

3. Shape the sheet into a cape. This is fairly straightforward. Create some rounded angles on the end of the sheet destined to go around your neck. Either cut the rounded shape with scissors and stitch it into place neatly. Or, simply fold into the shape needed (if it won't stay and you hate sewing, simply use fabric glue to keep the folds in place).

4. Create a tie. In order to keep the cape around your neck, you need a tie. Sew on two simple pieces of ribbon, elastic or leftover sheet at the neck point on each side, to allow it to be tied up. Alternately, use a brooch to pin it together at the neck or mid-chest level – this is an ideal solution for the person who doesn't like sewing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Choose a Halloween Costume

With Halloween coming up, if you haven't already chosen a costume, it's possible you're stuck for ideas. Never fear, there are plenty of ways to come up with creative, original ideas for a costume and still keep within a budget. Rest assured that this article will help you to pick the perfect Halloween costume for you.
How to Choose a Halloween Costume

Step 1: Find your own style.

Are you sexy? Scary? Funny? Cute? Perky? Angry? Your Halloween costume is a great excuse to project a side of yourself you don't usually get a chance to share if you'd like to "hide" behind something really fun, wacky or scary. Or, the costume could emphasize a side of you that everyone already knows and loves well, such as being zany, cheeky or bright.

In finding your own style, think about what you wear on a daily basis and what's comfortable for you. This alone may help you to think of a costume right away. For example, do you usually wear cute skirts? A dress? Jeans? Can these be paired with something a little more exciting to form a costume, such as sticking a cloak over the top of jeans or a witch's hat on top of a dress?

Also think of the colors you normally wear. If you wear black, you probably wouldn't want to be a fairy, although a dark fairy could be a good option. If you like bright colors, think of pumpkins, elves, fairies, ghosts, rainbows and similar costumes. If you like darker colors, think goth, vampires, skeletons, dark wizards, evil geniuses, etc. However, don't be afraid to mix and match, as it's Halloween and anything goes.

Another idea is to think back to the styles of costumes you wore in previous years. Are they still something you'd like to build off, perhaps turning an existing old costume into a different costume. You don't have to be something that is exactly like you, but it would make more sense to dress up as someone or something that reflects your personality.

Think of your interests. What do you like to do? Make a list of the things you enjoy, be it sport, cosplay, cooking, playing games, dressing up, reading, etc. For example, if you like soccer, be a famous soccer player; if you're into a certain TV show, dress up as one of the characters you like most; if you like animals or food, dress up as your favorite pet or dessert. Match the list of options to the items you have available and be creative.

Step 2: Decide on a budget.

Halloween costumes can range from cheap to very expensive, so it's important to have an idea on what you'd like to spend. When choosing, always check to see what's included in the costume, as some costumes will be better deals than others when add-ons are accounted for.

A costume containing, for example, a shirt, pants, hat, wig, and belt is a good deal if you get the lot for a single price. On the other hand, a single dress or costume item could cost the same amount as that deal, so you would need to balance up whether or not it's worth it to you and fits within your budget.

Generally, it's recommended that you be willing to spend around $20-$40 on your costume, as most decent costumes are within that price range.

Look for sales. Stores have sales all the time for Halloween costumes, especially if it's very close to Halloween. Be sure to check the TV, internet, and newspaper ads for upcoming sales on Halloween costumes. By checking the sales, you could get a great costume for a small price. If there are no sales, try using coupons and gift cards, if you have any.

Step 3: Keep time in mind.

Are you planning on making your Halloween costume? Make sure that you have enough time. You'll need an idea, first of all, so start thinking about a month before and try to allow yourself at least two weeks ahead to make and adjust the costume if you're making your own.

Although it seems early, thinking ahead gives you the space to make something that fits well and gives you the chance to run down and buy more fabric or items if needed.

Step 4: Check the weather.

It's important to be prepared to go out in sort of weather, be it rain, hail or shine. Have a raincoat, poncho and rain boots option that can be thrown over your costume if needed.

Step 5: Consider a group costume.

If you're trick-or-treating with some friends, one cool way to wriggle out of being original is to have matching costumes. This can be hilarious for onlookers who see a bunch of the same characters or similar ones coming to their door for trick-or-treating.

Either choose the same costumes or stick to a theme, such as Sesame Street characters. Consult your friends first to agree upon an idea that everyone likes.

How to Act Like a Grinch for Halloween

How to Act Like a Grinch for Halloween
Feeling irritable, malevolent or just plain grouchy this year? Does Halloween give you the same feeling as a cat coughing up a furball, all pain and no pleasure? Sure, there are those folk who think dressing up, saying boo to one another and demanding the goodhearted neighbors give them sugary treats is a fine way to celebrate Halloween.

But for the grouch, the whole scene is so yesterday and mired in commercial grunginess. Being the grinch of Halloween on your street lets you ruin the fun for everyone. As your romp through others' Halloween joy, give them cause to think thrice before targeting the grinch of Halloween!

Step 1: Stick the decorations where they belong. Absolutely nowhere. Don't go to the store and don't buy anything. Every good grinch knows that planetary resources are finite and that misuse for frivolity is wasteful and wanton – Halloween decorations are some of the most pointless gimmicks humankind has ever invented. More importantly, every grinch knows a penny left in one's own coffers is a penny the stores won't ever see. You can award yourself with a badge of parsimony and open an account called "My Halloween Savings" and spend Halloween checking your bank statement online.

Step 2: If you feel you must make a decorative statement, find the smallest pumpkin the local market has.

Step 3: Remove the lightbulbs from the front porch.

Step 4: If, despite all your best efforts, the intrepid little trick and treaters make their way up your path, driveway or whatever excuse for a front yard you have, make merry with them.

Step 5: If teenagers (each one likely to demand more candy than the entire night's worth of kids) come trick or treating at your door, turn all the lights off, turn the TV down and pretend to snore and grunt loudly, as if asleep.

Step 6: Begrudgingly get into the spirit of Halloween by giving out treats.

Step 7: Shut your house up and go out for the evening.

- A grinch could also make a point by giving out candy nobody wants. Choose the candy from a foreign country with weird flavors nobody has ever had before. Or candy as hard as a rock. Or candy made from cod liver oil.

Halloween Costume

Homemade Costume Ideas
Halloween costumes are costumes worn on or around Halloween, a festival which falls on October 31. The Halloween costume has a fairly short history. Wearing costumes has long been associated with other holidays around the time of Halloween, even Christmas. Among the earliest references to wearing costumes at Halloween is in 1895, where "guisers" are recorded in Scotland, but there is almost no mention of a costume in England, Ireland, or the United States until 1900. Early costumes emphasized the pagan and Gothic nature of the holiday, but by the 1930s costumes based on characters in mass media such as film, literature, and radio were popular. Halloween was originally promoted as a children's holiday, and as a means of reining in the licentious and destructive behaviour of teenagers. Early Halloween costumes were aimed at children in particular, but after the mid-20th century, as Halloween increasingly came to be celebrated by adults, the Halloween costume was worn by adults as much as children.

History of Halloween costumes:

Although Halloween is often claimed to be a cultural descendant of the Celtic festival of Samhain, such claims are generally not considered either historically accurate or scholarly. In particular, the custom of dressing up in costumes and going "guising" or trick-or-treating at Halloween developed from Christian customs created in Western Europe around the 15th century. Guising at Halloween in Scotland is recorded in 1895, where masqueraders in disguise carrying lanterns made out of scooped out turnips, visit homes to be rewarded with cakes, fruit and money. The practice of Guising at Halloween in North America is first recorded in 1911, where a newspaper in Kingston, Ontario reported children going "guising" around the neighborhood.

The holidays of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day were often celebrated with costume parades, wild parties, and licentiousness of all sorts. In the 18th century in the United Kingdom, Halloween was celebrated in rural areas by farmers as a fertility rite, while in cities it had a Carnival-like atmosphere. But as Halloween was transported to the United States by waves of European immigrants, the licentious and rowdy elements of Halloween were domesticated to conform with the emerging Victorian era morality. Halloween was made into a private rather than public holiday, celebrations involving liquor and sensuality de-emphasized, and only children were expected to celebrate the festival.

While wearing costumes at Halloween is recorded in Scotland in 1895, there is little evidence of costumes in England, Ireland, or the United States prior to 1900, however. Early Halloween costumes emphasized the pagan and gothic nature of Halloween, and were aimed primarily at children. Costumes were also made at home, or using items (such as make-up) which could be purchased and utilized to create a costume. But in the 1930s, A.S. Fishbach, Ben Cooper, Inc., and other firms began mass-producing Halloween costumes for sale in stores as trick-or-treating became popular in North America.

Halloween costumes are often designed to imitate supernatural and scary beings. Costumes are traditionally those of monsters such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils, or in more recent years such science fiction-inspired characters as aliens and superheroes. There are also costumes of pop culture figures like presidents, athletes, celebrities, or film and television characters. Another popular trend is for women (and in some cases, men) to use Halloween as an excuse to wear sexy or revealing costumes, showing off more skin than would be socially acceptable otherwise. Young girls also often dress as entirely non-scary characters at Halloween, including princesses, fairies, angels, farm animals and flowers.

Halloween costume parties generally fall on or around October 31, often falling on the Friday or Saturday prior to Halloween!